Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tue KC Crit and a few other things

This is what I get when I try to take pictures on the fly. Better to click and move before the B field plows into me. We left after a few laps but people were all ready attacking and it looked like it was going to be a quick one. I'd be interested to find out what the average speed was for the B race so we could compare it to the A race.

Pretty quick A race tonight, 27.5 mph average with non-stop attacking. We had guys off all most constantly and were riding up front but nobody let the breaks get too far off and in the end it all came back together for a field sprint. This week the lead out got a little bit better, the whole team got in place but really didn't have the pace to control the group. In the end we were just a bit off and left Joe a long lead out for Shadd, but he did a stellar job and Shadd got the win with Joe still getting 3rd. After the race we had a quick meeting and figured out a few things that should help next week.

  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Brian Bradley
  3. Joe Schmalz
  4. Andy Chocha
  5. John Pahlman

This is what I did on my rest day Monday. A quick ride followed by 3 hours manning the rototiller. My arms hurt so bad after the first hour I doubted I could brush my teeth when I was done, but by the end of 3 hours I was so numb it didn't matter. Ouch, it's going to take a few days to get over this one.

Over the weekend the TREK/Fisher Demo truck was in town at SMP. A perfect place to ride on the road or the trail. Hung out at the trailer a bit and got in a bunch of laps checking to make sure our riders were happy and the bikes were working well. Good times!

So here we have an example of true Lance mania. This guy made his own Livestrong bike out of an old TREK road bike, painted it black, and made his own handmade stickers. Gotta give him credit, he found a way to support Livestrong on a budget.

Tour of Battenkill: Looked like it was pretty epic, cold, wet, and windy. Steve was there and you can read about it right from the man here. I had heard that Floyd Landis needed harder races than the standard US crit to show his strength, guess it was true this time.

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