Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tue KC Cit

Tonight was the first real test of the categorized races. That is the old A race has now become the 1,2,3 race and the B race is now the 4,5 race. From what I could see it worked out pretty well. There were less riders in the 123 race and from what I could see it went pretty smooth. The 4,5 race started with the biggest field of the year by far and trace was looking pretty good half way through. Lots of attacks, and regrouping, just what the lower categories need to get ready to make the move up. I'm a firm believer that you have to learn to race and win before you make the jump to the next category. It goes without saying that we need to keep track of the people who figure it out, win some races, and when they show that they are ready, move em' up.

Andy and Steve checking out the 4,5 race. Saw a Jr rider drop out about half way and head to the car looking all depressed. We need to make sure that people know that they can go to the top of the hill and jump back in when they are ready. This is a training race after all, just remember once you miss a lap you DO NOT Sprint.

KC Crit Results 4/13/10
  1. Shadd Smith

  2. Mark Cole

  3. Joe Schmalz

  4. Jason Knight

  5. Phil Gronniger

For me the crit went a little better this week. Worked for the team helping Joe chase down a early break that led to another break that eventually lapped the field. Mercy had 3 guys of the 6 rider break so Adam and I had to do some work to get them away and then wait for our guys to lap the field. Our lead out was a little shaky but better than last week and our guys were 1st, 3rd, and 4th. Not too shabby!

It was Ti bike morning for me at the shop today. A Merlin and a Roark. Both nice bikes and both were a bit messed up. Sometimes I miss my old GT Ti bikes....but not for very long.

Choch checking out his new bike. Too bad you can't see the broken top tube on the old bike up close, it's completely broken all the way through. Check out the new American Classic wheels rolling on Challenge tubies. It's crazy light in race form, can't wait to see Choch and his new ride does at Sea Otter this weekend. Good Luck Choch!

Man, it is so fun to play with new bikes. Building bikes from scratch is the best, everything is clean and works perfectly.

Oh yea....... no overall points for the Tue Crit yet, Meathgeek is off playing Bunko with the neighborhood PTA moms. She says its a card came but I think it's really more of a drinking game. Maybe tomorrow.......

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AaronE. said...

Thanks for fixing my off road bicycle so quick. I was in mini panic mode.