Sunday, May 2, 2010

It was all Pinky last week

It was definitely a Pinky week last week as we had activities every night that he was involved in. Monday night it was boy scouts, Tuesday it was Soccer practice while I was off at the crit. Wednesday was the annual Band Concert for all the schools that feed into Shawnee Mission South High School. Yea baby, 2 hours of listening to the 5th grade through High School bands. I've got to admit that it was pretty cool to see the change as the kids advance through the grades.

Thursday brought the 5th grade music program at school. It was a music theme and as usual it was pretty amusing. Pinky had a solo doing part of a song, unfortunately the song was "We got the Beat" by the Go Go's. His voice is not high enough to do Belinda Carlile, and not low enough to sound like a guy, if that's even possible. But he made it his own and did the best he could. Heck, I'm proud of him for even standing up there and doing it.

Friday, ah Friday, The Cub Scout Pack Picnic. The annual trip to Antioch Park to gorge ourselves on hotdogs and chips, and attempt to fish in a lake that has no fish. Nothing like giving a bunch of 8 - 10 year olds fishing poles with hooks and cutting them loose. Now I took care of my boys, got them set up and all of the sudden some little kid asks me if I can put some line and a hook on his stick. What the heck, I had some tackle, I tied some line to his stick and put on a rubber worm(with out a hook) and a bobber on it. Off he goes and all of the sudden I have a bunch of kids wanting me to set them up too. Geez, who know I'd become the pied piper of rubber worms.

Saturday I did actually get in a good ride before we headed off for Pinky's soccer game. Followed that up with a trip to the shop for a surprise birthday present for Pinky.

You know your dad's a bike racer when you have to get a beater bike so you have a bike to ride to school. Pinky really wants to start riding to school but he realized that it wasn't going to happen with his cross bike. He asked for something that was a bit less expensive, something that he wouldn't have to worry about in the bike rack and I had just the bike. It's a beater and it's heavy but he loves it and it makes the move to 26" wheels. Yea....

So today was Pinky's birthday and as tradition would have it he got to pick where we went for his birthday dinner. He chose the Red Slobster, er....I mean Red Lobster.It's been a long time since I've eaten there and hopefully it will be a while before we go back. It wasn't bad but not much for the money. As you can see in the picture Pinky was happy and that's what really matters anyway.
As for riding and racing, not much going on there. Getting healthy with the Poison Ivy going away and finally sleeping again. Doubt I'll see anything from the test results this week but I'm sure it will take another doctors visit to find out. We shall see....

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