Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tues KC Crit

Who's this guy in the Bahati kit? Why it's KC's Phil Mann racing down at Speedweek in GA. Tonight's race was pretty fast but I bet it could of been much faster with Phil in it. Maybe he'll comes out to play next week if he's still in town.

Tonight it was really windy from the southwest so it had a big headwind up the hill and it was blazing fast on the downhill. On the first lap Bill got off with a Colvita/Parisi rider so I went on the defensive and rode 2nd wheel while Scott and Walt put the screws to the field and eventually chased down the break. As soon as that break got reeled in Shadd got off with a group and Bill and I took turns at the front trying to keep him away. Again the break got reeled in and the attacks continued at times all most splitting the group. At the call for 5 to go the group was all together and for some reason I rolled off the front with a few other riders. We got caught on the hill with 2 to go and that was all she wrote. Overall it was another good night at the races. The A race was a little small, I'm sure due to this weekends Joe Martin Stage race, but the B race continues to grow. Now that the city finally came out and fixed the huge hole on the back side of the course there's not reason not to come out and race.

  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Matt Ochs
  3. Mark Cole
  4. Bill Marshall
  5. Steve Songer

Overall Points:

Shadd Smith 26 Mark Cole 14
Joe Schmalz 6
Bill Marshall 6
Nick Coil 5
Andy Chocha 5
Brian Bradley 4
Matt Ankeny 4
Matt Ochs 4
Brian Jensen 3
Jason Knight 2
Josh Crow 2
Bill Stolte 2
Joe Houston 2
John Pahlman 1
Phil Gronniger 1
David Hedjuk 1
Doug Obershaw 1
Steve Songer 1

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