Sunday, May 16, 2010

What did you do this weekend?

Let's see, lot's of rain, and it's just Curly and I in the house. Pretty much means games and movies all weekend long. No riding but it was good to get some one on one time with Curly. We did have one big school project to get done and that took up quite a bit of time but more on that later.

I did spend a bit of time this weekend keeping track of the Tour of Italy and today I watched the Tour of California. I wish I could watch the Tour of Italy as it's been nothing short of amazing every day so far. Tons of lead changes and epic stages are the norm. Today's Cali stage was incredibly boring to watch. Typical stage where 4 riders get away and the group chased them down just in time for the sprint. It did get crazy once they hit the finishing circuits but it got a bit too crazy and quite a few guys hit the deck. Tomorrow should be more interesting with more clibing on tap. Seems like more and more guys are crashing and getting hurt in the pro races these days. Like everything else it may be that the media picks up on it and we hear about every single crash, who knows.

On to the real project........

Our project was to make a diorama of a dinosaur that Curly picked out in class. Here you have the beginnings of one of the dinosaurs. Little did I know this one is going to be attacked by his carnivore dinosaurs! Check out the art in the box.......

Not sure when there were orange dinosaurs but I guess they kind of looked like that in the book. He did get the long white claws correct, got to have those when you attack your prey is what he told me.

So here's the finished product, yea... I know dinosaurs on the attack, but Curly said it's just the circle of life. At least he didn't pick a dinosaur that one of his classmates is studying or want to paint on a little blood. I guess I should give them some eyeballs......
Looks like the rain is ending for a while and Mathgeek and Pinky are back so I might even get back on the bike again.

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Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination, or does it look like Curly is eating his dinosaurs?