Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rain, Rain, go away...........

Actually this week wasn't so bad, I really only got wet once. It seems like it rained every day but between work and cutting the grass I did manage to get out and ride. Thursday I went out with these two yahoos and went motorpacing. No motor needed here, I just sat behind Phil and Bill and rolled along. Definitely two different levels of intervals going on here but it was a really good workout.

As I sit here typing it's raining out and the 9am PV Starbucks ride is meeting, wonder who will show up? Obviously I won't be there but it's not that I'm wimping out, Mathgeek is with Pinky on a Boy Scout camping trip and I'm hanging with Curly for the weekend. With the rain I think I got the better deal. I did offer to take the camping trip when we figured out that the conditions were going to suck but it seems that the Boy Scouts are really fussy about having the proper paperwork filled out. Insurance, liability, bla, bla, bla...........whatever, have to get it done for next time.

The finish hill at the Joe Martin Stage race, once again I missed it! So far this year I've only raced 1 road race 1 mtb race, what a bummer! I know that we have a bunch going on with the KCCX cross team right now but I'm ready to race now. Even though I'm not doing much to help Bill just listening to the logistics and sponsorship proposals makes my head spin. Three months isn't much time but there's plenty of racing to do before then.

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