Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm too tired to post, how about some pictures

This is a RAGBRI bike if there ever was one. 50amp power booster in the box, wonder if he strapped a car battery on the rack for power. Made it kinda hard to steer.......

Not to be out done by the handlebar mounted boom box. Sean get the new Speed Concept bikes to work on and I get the above, we need to talk.

Rolled out between storms with Choch and Logan, then picked up Shadd for a ride Saturday. It was supposed to be mellow. Then we started going faster and faster, then someone mentioned being late for a date. Being the good guys that we are we dropped the hammer and said person made it home on time, yea, it hurt.

Crappy picture of Sundays group ride waiting for a few stragglers to catch up after a flat. Legs were a little flat after yesterday but once we ramped it up it was all good.

This is not good, pulled the paneling off to find that the insulation had sucked up a bunch of water. No mold but what a mess.

After finding so much water in the walls of the Family room we mover in to the adjoining bathroom. Busted out the drywall to find.........more soaked insulation. Even found a spot where water pressure had pushed these whirlybird things from our oak tree through a crack between the foundation and the slab and deposited them in the wall. Yuck.....

What's left of our once finished basement.

The dumpster is getting pretty full and I have at least one more wall to go.
Time for bed, I'm crushed.

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