Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tue KC Crit

I think last night's crit was held in the hottest temps we've had all year. It Boldwas a little bit like riding onto a blow dryer all night. Not that I'm complaining, I actually like the hotter temps so bring it on. This week we were rolling up on the Tour of KC weekend races and it was obvious that there were riders with different agenda's going into the race. Some were resting and only doing half the race and others were just going for it. I was a pretty much in the middle, rode last weekend and the race was going to be the only other ride I was going to get to do the rest of the week. My training plan had me quitting the race half way never know. So the race starts and a few people go off the front and after a few laps I decide to jump up to the last guy who is still away. Soon it's 5 of us away and we get a bit of a gap on the group. To make it even better I have a teammate in the break so that makes 2 Mercy guys in a group of 5. After a while the group drops down to 3 but it's 3 guys from three different teams. With all of our teammates in the group it was going to be really difficult for anyone to mount much of a chase to bring us back. In the end, our little break made it and sprinted for the win. Walt sat up in the end and let Andrew and I sprint it out for the win. Even though Andrew led out the sprint I just couldn't come around him for the win. Good fun racing and I even figured a few thing out that I was doing wrong while we were out there.

Rolling over to the start of the A race. New all white 360 kits for the summer.

Continuing on my Tales from the bike shop, yesterday I had this. Got it in my stand and started looking it over and found this. It was in for a tune, said it didn't need much work, guess not much of a point in giving it a tune up......

I heard that there was a bike eating crack in Blue River Road but here's proof! It's pretty easy to find, just look for the spot in road where it sliding into the river. As for Pete.......he got his bike back in time for the Tue crit.

Tue Crit Results:

  1. Andrew Coe

  2. Tom Price

  3. Walt Bleser

  4. David Hedjuk

  5. Jeff Seese

No overall points until I get my desktop computer back, more debugging was needed.

On a side note, today marks 20 years that Mathgeek has been putting up with my obsession with bike racing. To say that I'm truly blessed would be an understatement and I'm just as excited to see what the next 20 years brings and I was the first year we were married.

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