Thursday, June 10, 2010

Some pic's from the last week

Every once in a while we get shirts at the shop to wear while working. Usually they have some nifty design, sometime not so much, but usually they are one color or another. This time some of the shirts were white, now you don't want to light colored shirt, and certainly not a white shirt. So JJ got creative and gave them a dye job. Still kinda light but at least the stains will add a little to the design.

Missed the Tue Crit because of this. This is my back yard with about 6 ft of water running through it. It got about 1/2 way to the house before it started running on top of the road. 99th street had about 6-8 inches of water running across it. The guy in the picture decided he didn't want to try it. In 6 years it's only flooded like this twice but that's enough for me.

Had to take this pic, the start line of the Mens Pro-1 race last weekend. That's Lyne from with all the cameras. Check out her website for cool pic's and write ups from the races.

LB and Bama in the JR's race the last day at Tulsa.

Couldn't let this one go by without a pic. No, I didn't stage this, that chain was rusted and stuck just like that. I had to cut it in 2 pieces just to get it off the bike.'s been that kind of week.

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