Monday, June 7, 2010

Tulsa Tough

Tulsa has become a race that you really can't miss, it's truly one of those times that they have a bike race and a party breaks out. All three days the races had parties all over the course and the later it got the crazier it got. That is until the last day when it was just plain crazy all day long. I took a video with my camera but I found one on YouTube that's much better. It was taken during the Pro race and you can see the KC crew here and there. One of best parts is watching Brian attack and get away for the win. Check it out

These two shots are of Brian and Adam on the Saturday course. In the past this race ended at dusk but this year it didn't even start until dusk and then finished late. Another crazy crowd on the hill by the Sound Pony Bar. If you ever go to Tulsa stop by, the place is filled with bikes and related parts, jerseys, you name it. I should of taken some pictures.

Ahhhhh yes, Crybaby hill. Man, that was nuts. Can't wait for next year.
Oh yea.......the races. Pretty good weekend for the Mercy boys. Luke and Chris did the Jr's race both days and went 2-3 Saturday and 1-2 Sunday. Luke did the 1-2 race all three days as well to earn the ironman award. Pretty tough kid, 5 races in 3 days at 17 years old, nice work 'bama. Joe rode well in the Pro race but with field sprints the Fri and Sat there wasn't much there for him. Sunday the course was much better for him but he just missed the final break that stayed away. The rest of the team rode well in their races and all of us came home with bikes and bodies intact.

As for me, I rode better than last week in much tougher Master races. Saturday I was 14th overall and 4th 50+, and Sunday I was 11th overall and 3rd 50+. Not too shabby but both days I made a few mental errors at the end of the races that kept me out of the top 5. Overall I'm pretty happy with the weekend. I know that Coach Adam has been pretty easy on me due to being sick so much this spring so the legs seem to coming around quite nicely right now.

Looks like St.Louis this weekend for 2 races and then I might even slide in a MTB race the next weekend just for fun....

Just about forgot, Congrats to Corey and Troy for their win and top 10 in the Dirty Kanza 200, check Troy's blog for his write up, epic is the word. You can check out Cory's here.

Time for bed..... SEE YA!

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