Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tue Crit and more silly bike photos

Tue night worlds went off this week to light winds and moderate temps. An awesome night to race, too bad there were so many sore legs in the field to take advantage of the weather. The race started off with a guest appearance from Dean Parker who is still recovering from injuries sustained at the Joe Martin race. Nice to see Dean back on the bike even if it was only for the neutral lap! Once the race started the attacks started. The plan for the Mercy crew was to not do too much during the race, everybody had tired legs from the Tour of KC and Joe is still recovering from an illness. Of course a few of us of still responded to some of the attacks and eventually Phil, Walt, and Doug got away. A lap later teammate Joe rolled across to the break and away they went. Knowing that Joe has been sick Adam teleported Shadd across to the break and that's the group that stayed away the whole race. Even though the group stayed away they never really got much of a gap and while they were attacking each other in the final laps the field was bearing down on them. In fact, David flew through the last 2 corners to catch Doug who was in the break for 5th
. Overall it was a good night at the races, bring on the Tour of Lawrence this weekend!

Tue KC Worlds Results:

  1. Joe Schmalz
  2. Shadd Smith
  3. Phil Gronniger
  4. Walt Bleser
  5. David Hedjuk

Tue KC Worlds Points:

Shadd Smith 48
Joe Schmalz 19
Mark Cole 16
Nick Coil 12
Andrew Coe 9
Phil Gronniger 8
David Hedjuk 8
Andy Chocha 6
Bill Marshall 6
Matt Ochs 5
Walt Bleser 5
Brian Bradley 4
Matt Ankeny 4
Ben Stover 4
Tom Price 4
Brian Jensen 3
Scott Stevens 3
Jason Knight 2
Josh Crow 2
Bill Stolte 2
Joe Houston 2
Christain Beattie 2
Doug Plumer 2
John Pahlman 1
Doug Obershaw 1
Steve Songer 1
Jeff Seese 1

Then there is the few photos from the shop, never fails to amaze me what some people do to their bikes. I could take a picture everyday of destroyed stuff but the really fun stuff is when people get creative. More often than not riding these bike would scare me to death but people love what they have created.

Got to love the aero bar/bar end/armrest setup. If you have a weak back this is for you, there is no way possible to get low on this bike.

No worries if that stem fits a little loose, just crank 'er down and ride on. 1", 1 1/4, whatever..........OK, we had to fix this one.

Oh will notice the dude in the first picture sporting the Rock Racing kit. I won't mention his identity to protect the........innocent? Anyway, you may have noticed that he's demonstrating that all of the red in his kit points to a certain area on his shorts. I'll stop here before too many other rumors get started........

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