Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tour of Lawrence

Not too much to post about from today's race. I showed up a little late for the race but it was running late anyway. By time we were ready to start I was about to fall asleep on my bike. To say that I was lacking motivation was something of a understatement. After a pretty good week of racing last weekend at the Tour of KC the form was looking pretty good. Tue night at the crit I felt OK but something was up, by Tue night I couldn't sleep from all the gunk running down my throat. Jeez......I thought that being on antibiotics would keep me from being sick but I guess the drugs are for a bacterial infection not viral. At least the meds will be done tomorrow, now if I could just get this elephant off my chest.

Wow, what a rant.......just really tired of all the sickness this year. As for the race, fun hilly circuit race today in Lawrence around the KU campus. I've never been to the campus before and it's really cool. Have to stop by with the family some time and check it out. Anyway, in the race there were a bunch of attacks that never really went anywhere until 2 laps to go. I had no legs to go with them or try to jump across so I did what the rest of the field did and waited for the last time up the hill. Given the state of my health I tried to tempo the first part of the hill hoping to jump near the top. Andy blew that plan to pieces as he jumped early and got a gap on the field. With a long finishing straight and a head wind I was scrambling for a wheel just to get to the line. Finished with a bike toss at the line and was either 5th or 6th. Didn't even check as I had to get home in time to meet Jonas as he returned from Boy Scout camp. Mabe I'll find some pic's to post later.

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