Monday, July 12, 2010

Omaha and beyond

Forgot that I had this picture from the Lawrence weekend. Pretty sweet to have that big of a race so close. That was week two of the triple header of race weekends, KC, Lawrence, and Omaha.

After being sick for the last 2 weekends Omaha rolled around and I finally started feeling better. There were 2 days of racing but Mathgeek and I decided that we needed some family time so I decided to do the crit Saturday and then hit the Omaha zoo on Sunday. Of course this was all decided on Friday night so the mad scramble ensued to pack up the family for a 9am departure. All went well and we arrived in plenty of time for the Masters race. Rode pretty well in the race and ended up in a break with a few other guys that were in the 40+ race. Since I was the only 50+ guy in the break once we got away it was time to sit in and save some energy for the Pro 1-2 race. Ended up winning the 50+ race and then it was time to head to the hotel for a little pool time with the boys before the last race.

Rolled back to the course and hooked up with the rest of the Mercy crew and figure out the game plan for the race. I love it when a plan works and we get the results we wanted. 1st,2nd,5th,6th,10th, and all 4 primes, very nice. Pretty worked after 2 races and couldn't get to sleep for a long time, love those late races.
Followed a long race day up with 4 hours of walking the zoo but it was totally worth it. The kids had a great time and the zoo is truly awesome. I can't forget to mention that racing in Nebraska is kind of a treat for us as we see tons of friends at the races while we are in town. Nice to hang out with my brother for a bit and let the kids interact for a while. My buddy Ray from when I first started racing was at the races. His son has taken an interest in bicycle racing so he was there doing his 2nd race ever. Pretty cool to see another generation give racing a try and if he's got dad's motor he could be a fast one.

So we were watching the weather while we were in Omaha for our trip to the zoo and I decided to look in to see what the weather was like in KC. We saw that there was going to be some big storms on Sunday morning. I was a little worried about another house flood but we figured that it's been dry for a while so it should be OK. Then we got home to find the debris line in the picture above. That's about 15ft from the back door and it wouldn't take much more water to get it to the house. The weather guy said we had 2.2 inches in the 2 storms that came through and that was some kind of record. I have to say that this stuff is really wearing me out. I like watching the weather but I get a little freaked out every time it storms.
I heard that there was a possibility of more rain Sunday after we got home so I ran out and got some sandbags for a little protection. Ended up not needing them but I think I'll hang on to them for a while and see what happens.
Tomorrow is Tue KC Worlds, should be fun cuz it's gonna be HOT!

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