Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The tough guy award goes to.........

Jens Voigt is the man, why you might ask, read this. First he had to recover from a horrendous crash on a decent at last years tour, then he crashed again descending a mountain this year is tough. But to get up this year, take a loaner bike until he could get a team bike is over and above the call of duty. Looking at the picture Jens is a bloody mess with road rash all over but he's determined to finish the tour. Such is the mentality of riders in the tour. Then you have to add in the pressure of knowing that he can make a difference in how the team works for Andy Schleck tomorrow in the mountains. Yea, he had to keep going.

So much for last night's Tue Crit, I'm guessing it was a rain out, we had torrential rain and lightning at the house about start time. Why was I at home you might ask, well I saw the radar and decided I needed to move the sandbags back into place before the floods began again. This time the 2nd round of rain went south so we got lucky and the water never got out of the banks. I've got to say that this whole flood thing is getting old and I might build my own levee before the summer is over.

By the way, check out Cameron Chambers write up on his race at the MTB Nationals. He had a awesome race and has a great story to tell about battling it out with a legend of the sport for a National Champions jersey. Fellow KCCX teammate Brad Cole had a write up of the same race where he was 4th here.

Looks like the guys are about done with the taping and slapping on the 1st coat of mud, time to get some more work done before it's time to go pick up the boys.

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