Sunday, August 8, 2010

KCCX Team Camp, cross is here!

This weekend the KCCX VERGE Elite Cyclocross Team had our team camp to discuss the coming season and get some riding in. Of course the highlight was getting some of product from our sponsors. Giro Helmets, Oakley sunglasses, Verge Clothing, HTFU clothing, Chamois Butter, and even some De La Paz coffee. On the bike side the Scott frames are being ordered, the TRP brakes were handed out, and best of all, access to every model of Challenge tires and a set or two of Reynolds wheels. I can't forget that to mention that Source Endurance is also going to be involved with the team. That's a bonus for me since I've been coached by Adam from Source for the past year and there is no doubt I'm faster than I've ever been before.

Between all of this there was discussion of the products we are using and the signing of Rider Contracts. Of course, no camp would be complete if we didn't go out and beat the snot out of each other on the bikes. Brutal but fun training rides both days had everybody was worn out by time we were done today.

This has got to be the sweetest deal around, Challenge Tires and Reynolds wheels. I absolutely loved these tires last year and I really look forward to using them again. Reynolds stepped up HUGE this year and is supplying the team with carbon clincher and tubular wheels. A few of the guys tried them out on the rides this weekend and so far the guys are impressed. As a bonus to anybody who races cyclocross we will be part of the Reynolds Spin it up program. In a nutshell, we will have wheels on hand at every race we attend for people to borrow for races or to just try out. Details are getting worked out right now but we will have a variety of wheels with Challenge tires mounted to them. Just think, carbon tubies or clinchers set up with Fango's, Grifo's, Grifo XS (file tread), or maybe even a new super secret mud tire. It's going to be a great program!

This is the first shipment of wheels, more to come in a week or so!

Just because we were on the road it didn't mean that Joe and Matlock stayed there. Since they were both on cross bikes, and had their new wheels and tires they decided to test them out.

Getting read to rollout Sunday morning. Man, it was early but at least we beat the heat!

Team Photo shoot with out Artistic Director J Steadman, and our photographer Alex Edwards. Got some good shots of the crew sporting all our new gear for our sponsors.

Shot this pic somewhere out by Longview lake. We went way east of KC on some of the best road I've ridden in the area. Guess I should of waited for the rest of the gang to get in the picture, oh well.

Check out this guy! That has to be the biggest moth I've ever seen and pretty cool colors as well. Didn't notice the reflection in Adam's new Oakley's until just now!

So camp is a wrap. Good things are happening with the team and it's going to be a good year! There's also a ton of work to be done before our first race which is only a month or so away. I'm going to be a busy boy for the next month!

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