Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tue Crit, it was a HOT one!

Today was the hottest day of the year and it made the races tonight pretty tough. A strong south breeze made the heat bearable but really reduced the turnout for the A race. We still had a hard race with a 27 mph average. Kind of a interesting race, it started off slow and then after about 10 minutes a group got off the front with Shadd in it, then I bridged across with a SKC rider. Soon after that Adam bridged across with David and then Jason came across to complete the break. We kept a nice rotation going and after a while it got down to 7 of us off the front. With about 10 minutes to go Shadd attacked the group with Scott but they were brought back a lap later. Shadd attacked again and got away clean to jump up to the field. With 3 of us from Mercy in the break we just waited for the laps to wind down and sprint. Jason took a flyer with 2 to go but David took a huge pull to bring him back just before the last corner. Shadd took the win and in the sprint Mark took a line through the gravel in the last turn that I wasn't willing to follow so that was it. Over all a good night for the Mercy Team, Shadd 1st, Tom 3rd, Jason 4th, Adam worked hard in the break and Bill did his thing keeping the field in check.

Tonight's Results
  1. Shadd Smith
  2. Mark Cole
  3. Tom Price
  4. Jason Knight
  5. Scott Stevens

Overall Points

Shadd Smith 68
Joe Schmalz 27
Mark Cole 26
Nick Coil 15
Andy Chocha 11
Andrew Coe 9
David Hedjuk 9
Phil Gronniger 8
Christain Beattie 7
Tom Price 7
Bill Marshall 6
Matt Ochs 5
Walt Bleser 5
Brian Bradley 4
Matt Ankeny 4
Ben Stover 4
Scott Stevens 4
Jason Knight 4
Brian Jensen 3
Steve Songer 3
Josh Crow 2
Bill Stolte 2
Joe Houston 2
Doug Plumer 2
Adam Mills 2
John Pahlman 2
Doug Obershaw 1
Jeff Seese 1

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Basil Chesterton Sinclair said...

hey bro, I grew up in KC and visit a few times a year. They used to have the Tues night crit out at the Budweiser distributorship waaaaay out on Pflumm (I think). Where is the ride these days? Would like to hit it when I'm back in town. You can shoot me an email at fasterbetterstronger at gmail dot com