Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gateway Cup: Day 1

I might have a picture in my camera from last night but I kind of doubt it. It was dark and the field in the Pro 1,2 was moving fast. I decided to do the Masters race and it was a whole lot like the last Tue KC crit, slow then fast, strung out and then all bunched up. It was pretty windy so nobody wanted to take pulls into the wind the whole race. With about 10 minutes to go a break got away just after I had gotten pulled back from a break. We had about 80 guys in the field and got shuffled back a ways when I heard the announcer say that there were 5 guys up the road. Oh well, I was way off my game anyway. It seems like I never ride well at this race so we'll have to see how today goes.

I'll see how the pictures look and post more tonight. We race early today so we may actually get to get dinner and hang out a bit. I don't have any idea what the results were in the Pro 1,2 race were other than our new National Pro champ Dan Holloway won and Tilford was 7th. Our crew of Bill, Logan, and Choch all rode well and stayed safe. I'll check results and post later tonight.

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