Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cross on the brain

It seems like there are tons of people with cross on the brain. As in that's all they are thinking about these days. I see that up in Omaha and Lincoln they have been having training races for the last few weeks and everybody in the KC area are getting their bikes ready.

Hmmmm, not me. Not yet. True, I've been working on some team stuff, but my bikes, what you see is what you get. Just like last year they are still hanging on their hooks in the garage. Just like they have been since they came off the trailer last December.

This is my primary bike. Still has the ripped bar tape, broken brake lever, and flat tubies from the starting line crash at Nationals. Poor bike only made it 10ft before it hit the deck and got carried to the pit. Ah.......the memories.

Anyway, with todays media I all ways get a little nervous when I read about all of the training that people have been doing for cross. Seems like I never get going until after Gateway Cup but that's part of the training plan this year. Still........

By the way, probably be selling my cross bikes fairly soon. 1 TREK XO with Alpha Q fork and Sram Rival parts. 1 TREK XO Frame/Alpha Q fork, both of them are 56cm. Don't worry, I'm not trying to sell the one with the scuffed up parts!

Gotta, go....... time to register for Gateway Cup before it closes, still waffleing on what races to do........decisions, decisions.....

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