Sunday, October 17, 2010

BLVD Cup Cross

Found a few pics from Saturdays New Kids Cross race in Tulsa. That run up is part of the problems at today's BLVD Cup race. Warming up I actually felt pretty good, the legs were good and I felt pretty loose. I was wearing a elastic knee brace on my bum knee to warm up just like the past 2 days and it was OK, a little sore getting off the bike, but OK. It was all looking good until race time when I took off the brace. I hopped on my bike and started to ride to the start and my knee really hurt. I thought I could ride through it but it wasn't looking good. The start went pretty good and I was in good position near the front of the field. The KCCX crew had a plan and I played my part but that was about as far as I got. The first time through the barriers I knew my day was done but I stuck it out for another lap just to make sure.
So that was it, I scored my 2ND DNF out of the 3 races I did this weekend. On a positive note Shadd and Wink got away clean and went 1-2 while Bill came in 7th. With any luck I can get my appointment moved up and make a visit to a knee specialist @ KCOI. The next USGP is next weekend and right now I need a miracle. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

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buconine said...

Any good news on the knee? Really sucks, it was looking to be a really good season for ya!