Saturday, October 23, 2010

USGP Derby Cup Day 1

Meridith coming off the Green Monster.

More from the Womens Elite race.

The Womens winner, Georgia Gould.

Rough day for the KCCX Crew today. I started off the day with a rather sub par day. Not too surprising considering the knee injury but even then I just didn't have the legs. In the 35+ race Bill suffered as well, but on a bright note Shadd came from the very back to finish 4th. If he can pull that off again tomorrow he could be front row in Ft. Collins. In the Elite race Joe and Brad both raced hard in dust so bad they couldn't see anything for most of the race. In the end I think Joe was 6th in the U-23 race and Brad may have been in the top 30. The course is pretty short and only 16 of the original 69 starters even finished on the lead lap.

Tomorrow is Day 2 and we can only hope for better results. It's going to be interesting to see what they do to change the course. No matter what they do the dust is going to be a factor again. Time for a little more treatment for the knee.

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Coach said...

Give um hell tomorrow!