Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boss Cross Day 2

Wink was the man again today!
Today started off a little bit easier since we didn't have a soccer game and we could sleep in. Got there about the same time as yesterday and got JoBro ready to race. The Jrs race was pretty fun to watch as JoBro wanted to race someone and he got his wish. That is until he crashed in the sand down by the river. Of course I was all over the place cheering him on. It was really fun to watch and I am just amazed that he rode that well for his first 2 races ever.
Today's race course was a little bit different but it was again fun and fast. I got a good start and Bill, Wink, and I were on the front going into the first turn. It stayed in that order for most of the first lap until we hit the sand section down by the river. Wink and I both jumped around Bill as we could both ride the sand. It was tricky to ride the sand but fast coming out. Wink made it through clean but I bobbled near the end of the sand and nearly hit the deck. It was chaos in the sand as I'm sideways on the course, Wink is riding away , and everybody is sprinting to get around me. Second to seventh or eighth in 20ft is not the way you want to start the race. If it would of worked Wink and I would of been gone. As it was, Wink rode away and I was in trouble. Somehow in the sand scrum my shifter or rear der got all messed up and wouldn't shift. I managed to get it to move enough to get me into a decent gear to finish the lap but it was time to the pit as soon as possible.
It's nice when the team is traveling to some of the bigger races as we have riders in different races so we all ways have someone working the pit. Today, we were all in the same race so I had to stop, drop the first bike on the ground, grab the backup bike off the rack, and get going. I have to say thanks to Dave Pitt. He was standing in the pit when I changed bikes and he spent most of the race telling me that I could change bikes if I needed to. It was tempting, I had too little air in the tires on the back up bike and the tires were rolling a little, but that was better than the jacked up shifting on the original bike. Anyway, back to the race.
So I got rolling and quickly got by a few guys and I could see Bill and Jeff from Big Shark up ahead of me. It took a few laps, but I finally got up to them and when I did I decided to ride the sand again and try and get a gap. This time I rode it clean and got a gap. Little did I know that Jeff was having some back problems but it didn't matter, he was still going fast and I needed hold the gap. In the last few laps it seemed like I opened up the gap a little bit more until I eased up on the last lap. Jeff really put in an effort but I was watching and made sure that I could maintain enough of a gap to finish 4th.
Overall it was a good weekend. I'm happy with my results and the team did awesome as well. Today we were 1st, 4th, 6th, and I need to check results to see where Luke ended up. Even better is that the JoBro and Wi3 raced both days. JoBro even asked when the next race is at dinner tonight! So that would be next weekend, I think it's a Saturday event and then no racing on Sunday. Sounds like a good day to hit River Trails with the family!

This sand pit was a blast! You could hit it with tons of speed. The only problem, getting stopped at the other end!
Got to say thanks to the promoters, officials, and volunteers who made this possible. We had a great time at one of my favorite venues!

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