Saturday, October 2, 2010

It was a long day, Boss Cross #1

So much going on today. Up at 6:00am to get ready for a 8:00am soccer game. After spending a fair amount of time last night packing the van for the soccer game and Boss Cross the kids knew I was serious. They did a great job getting up and being ready to go and we were off. If you have ever been to Heritage Soccer Complex in the boondocks of southern KC you know that it can be really cold out there. At 8am it was cold. By 8:10 I couldn't feel my hands. The rest was a cold, cold blur. By 9:15 we were out of there and trying to warm up on the drive to the race. Since we had to pass pretty close to home we decided to stop off for more warm clothes and more coffee for dad.

So we get to the venue for Boss Cross and start unloading. As we are getting set up Bill is getting Wi3 ready to pre-ride before his race and JoBro tells me that he wants to race. I brought all of his stuff but figured he would be too tired to race. So I hustled to get him signed up and in a kit to ride. JoBro was lucky that Bill had a few extra kid sized VERGE items to keep him warm.
As race time arrives for the Jrs race I keep checking on Curly who is in the van totally focused on his DS. For a change that actually works for me as he will stay there while I watch JoBro race. Before the start I asked him if he was nervous and then realized that I was probably more nervous than he was. You see, this was the first cross race ever for JoBro and Wi3. The race started and the boys rode pretty well. JoBro went over the bars near the end of the race in the sand but jumped back up and got going right away. Best part of it all is that once it was over he said that he wanted to do it again. In fact he threw his kit back on and we rode a few cool down laps after my race was over.

The boys after the finish. Notice JoBro's bars and levers. That was a pretty good crash!

Check out Wink in the Boss
Cross leaders jersey! He had to have the comeback of the day. From the front to the back and then back to the front to win! WOW!

I tried to ride the sand a few times but it really was faster to run it. But I hate to run so I figured I would give it a try. I guess I made it about half of the times I tried.
In the race I got a good start and nearing the first turn I started getting bumped hard by someones elbow. A quick glance and I saw that is was Tilford. Not much sense fighting for position before the first turn so I made some space and off he went. A few guys got by in the first few straightaways which was perfect as I needed a few guys to draft going into the wind. For most of the race I was leading or in the top 3 until I decided to crash trying to go around a lapped rider. I should of waited but instead I changed my line and down I went. That moved me back and I was riding with Josh Johnson when I saw Wink catching us. I backed off the pace for a bit until Josh started pulling but by then Wink was with us. It didn't take long for Wink to attack and away he went. A few laps later I crashed again and lost Josh's wheel for good. So the last few laps I just rode at a steady pace to end up 5th. Not too bad following a really tough training week. Tomorrow should be interesting.

I got these photos from Keith Walberg. The guy has a great eye and has produced some great cross movies with Gizmo.
Boss Cross #2 tomorrow. More fun, more pain!

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