Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cross out Cancer, a day at the races

Shadd and Joe hopping the barriers.

It's been kind of an interesting week leading up to today's cross race. My coach had me scheduled for a rest week and I actually did rest. Even better is that short rides allowed me to take care of a few house projects that were left over from the great flood of June. Good timing for sure as I also got to spend a bit more time with the family as well. Only problem with the rest week is that my coach also said that I might be a little "flat" in the race. That would be the least of my problems as I managed to hurt my knee during my "easy" week as well.

The course, well it was interesting. All courses are different but this one really rough and the course marking was sometimes difficult to follow as well. The short barriers were a plus as you could bunny hop them but, the low hanging branch that took Andrew out of the race was a problem. It smashed his helmet and on one of the three times I hit it it dented mine as well. Of well, it is what it is and for a first time event it wasn't that bad.

Started the day running solo with the boys again. They were great, we were on time and under control all day. First up was the Juniors race for JoBro. For a little guy the course definitely took it's toll. Two crashes didn't help but he got up and finished and that's awesome. He still loves cross and will be ready for his next race.

As for my race, I would have to say that coach was right, I was pretty flat. After a good start I was running 2nd or 3rd to my KCCX teammates but I had to slow it down for a while and recover. I could see Josh J catching me and it took him a while, but he did eventually catch me. I let him go and just tried to hold the gap over the guys behind me. With 2 laps to go I tried to gas it a little and catch Josh and I got close, but managed to crash in a slick turn. That was it and for the last lap and a half I just cruised to the finish. 4th place, not too bad for a kind of rough day on the bike. KCCX took 1st, 2nd, 4th, 6th. I had to leave and didn't look at the results to see where Luke finished.

Chasing Josh over the short barriers.

While I was watching the Jrs race I heard a couple of familiar voices and turned around to see Mom & Dad Wallace. Reminded me that we really miss having Chris around this year. Maybe he'll settle into college life this year and make a comeback next season. Have to say thanks for the handups as well, it was a hot one out there today!

If all this wasn't enough we loaded up pretty quick after the race and headed out to Heritage for a 4pm soccer game. I'm glad I made sure JoBro ate some food between his bike race and the soccer game. He played well and his team won 7-0.

Next week I'm off to Tulsa and then the following week it's the USGP in Louisville.

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