Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ruts & Guts Cross

Last nights race was a bit different than any other race that we've don't this year. The course was a little bit like riding on the moon. Deep silty dirt with random sharp rocks hidden all over. Not much of a race for me, I'm battling a knee injury so the plan was to be careful and not make it worse going into next weeks USGP in Louisville. After a a terrible start I was trying to make up time and tried to bunny hop a single barrier that they had made out of rock. That didn't go so well and over the bars I went. I was top 2o, now I was dead last. Got the chain back on and got going, got back into the top 20 and then the chain came off again, and again, and again. Somewhere in there I crashed as well. Things just were not going so well and I finally decided to pull the plug and quit. No sense in doing more damage to the knee and I was so far back I figured it was better to save some energy for today.

Shadd, Wink, and Bill all had great races. I don't have the results but Shadd was 2nd and Wink was in the top 1o. Some other Kansas riders had great results as Katherine won the Women's race and Bill Stolte won the Masters. In the Elite race Steve was 5th and Andrew was 6th.

I heard that we are leaving the moon and heading for a totally different type of course for today's race. It should be interesting.

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