Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's been a busy week.

It's been a busy week at the home front. It seems like all I've done is go from one doctors office to another. First, last Friday JoBro had to go in for Pinkeye. Not that big of a deal but by Monday it wasn't going away quick enough for the school nurse. So Tuesday morning we were off to have it checked out. We got done with that and then it was time for me to go to have my knee checked out. After that I figured I would go for a MTB ride with Bill to spin the legs out. We rolled out to Minor Park with a huge tailwind and started hitting the dirt.

Then my phone from mom, that's not good. After a bit of frustrating phone tag I finally find out that JoBro smacked his face on a pole and broke off a tooth. The school nurse said he was in pain and needed to be picked up asap. Mom's 30 min away and I'm in the middle of the woods. We decided mom could pick him up and I needed to head for home. So Bill and I headed out of the woods. So here we are, bombing down the Highline Trail, with me focusing on getting home instead of the trail. It didn't take long for me to high side on a log and fall about 5 ft down off the side of the trail. Ouch, that one hurt and it even snapped the buckle off my shoe!
We finally hit the road and absolutely killed ourselves into the wind to get home. After all that effort I get home to find JoBro messing with the dog and barely feeling any pain. Off to the dentist and got the tooth fixed. Phew, what a day!

Wednesday brought the Boy Scout Halloween Party and I am so happy I didn't get called on to be turned into a mummy!

Curly decided to be a Rubik's Cube for Halloween this year. Quick and easy to make, love it.

Forgot about this pic from last weeks USGP. We had a great spot to check out the action and we were super close to the pit.

All the team mechanics lined up in the pits waiting for the Elite race to start. Those are all spare bikes and in this race the riders could take water hand ups in the pit as well. It was total chaos the whole race.

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Ted said...

I like the Rubik's cube idea! Maybe next year I can get Brady to do it. How is the knee holding up this week?