Monday, November 1, 2010

Boss Cross 3 & Cross Bikes and wheels for sale

What to say about Boss Cross 3. Let's just say that the day started off bad when JoBro came home from a sleepover with a bright red line running down the side of his face. Seems his accidents are continuing. He was playing swat teams at a sleepover and was on the wrong side of a door when his buddies kicked the door. Ouch! Came home with his face swelling and tears in the eyes. I was a bit worried when he said he was a bit dizzy so no cross racing for him today. After a bit of indecision the whole clan piled into the van and headed to the races.

Got to the venue, got set up, and pre rode the course. Once again Jeremy and Joe produced a very balanced course that was going to be pretty fun. Only problem for me was the 2 long sand pit runs, that was going to be hard on the knee. I made my way over to the start area along with all the other Open and cat 3 riders and eventually got on the narrow start line in the front row. That is until a group of riders rolled up and placed themselves in front of the front row. Now I'm in the 2nd row behind a known slow starter. Time for a could of/should of......... I think I was tied for 3rd in the series so I could of parked myself in front row and moved somebody back but that's not how I work. So the start goes and as expected I'm way back in the field. I can see the fast guys at the front and if I can't get there quick they will be gone. I tried a few aggressive moves(sorry Doug), but all that did was bring on a crash in a corner. So with the chain off and the shifter broken it was time to call it a day. Frustrating.

I saw a quote in a magazine from Cadel Evans that made me think. Talking about what he learned in his last season with Davitamon-Lotto he said,"Be a little more selfish, and look after myself. I wouldn't apply that to life itself but when there are people around you trying to take advantage of you, it's how you have to be." The past 2 weeks have sucked and it's time to take care of myself.

On a better note I've got some cyclocross equipment to sell at a great price! Actually I have one road bike in there as well but it's all like new stuff.

Bontrager Carbon Aero Wheelset. Barely ridden, I got these from a buddy and only rode them once. Here's the specs; Bontrager Carbon Aero wheelset, Challenge Grifo Tubular tires, SRAM 12-26 cassette. Ready to roll, $650.00

Two matching X-O2's

The only difference between the two is the updated Bontrager fork on one.

Here's the story on these bikes. I rode the frames for 2 cross seasons and they hung on the hook in the garage all summer. Stripped the bikes down to bare frames and then rebuilt them with brand new Bontrager forks, and all of the parts off of my new Scott bikes. What you have is used frames that are in excellent shape with a brand new, unused, parts.
The build kit goes like this: SRP Brakes, Shimano Ultegra Shifters/Ders, FSA Gossamer Cranks, DT Swiss Wheels, Scott bar/stem/saddle, Thompson Seatpost, Schwalbe Tires, Bontrager Forks.
Both frames are 56cm.

Fisher Arc Pro, Bontrager Race Lite wheels, SRAM Rival cranks, shifters, ders, brakes, Bontrager bars, stem, seatpost, and saddle. This one is a 55cm frame. $950.00
If you know anybody that would be interested give me a shout on the blog or e-mail @


Anonymous said...

Any thought of selling just the cross frame??

TP said...

Since I'm a SRAM guy I really don't have a need for the parts on the bike. Besides, it's a better deal for the complete bike.

Dicky Ta Ta said...

Hey Tom,
I sent you a message about the wheels... did you get it? Are they still up for grabs?

sashastri said...

What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!

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