Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back in the Woods

The last few days have been really warm for this time in December so a few of us have been hitting the trails. Sure feels good to be back on the MTB for a change. I really hope we get a chance to race off road this year. It really comes down to the road racing schedule and weather. With any luck I can find a race that will qualify me to go to Nationals. I'm thinking Cross and MTB Nationals will be major goals this year. I think I'll skip Masters Road Nats since I can't do the drive to Bend OR again.

Oh no!!!!!!!! Somebodies wagon overturned! That's what you get for drunk driving your wagon on the trails.

The trails at Minor Park are in great shape right now. Pretty dry and fast. The trail guys were out and did some maintenance work to the trails that made them much better. Thanks guys!
What next? More time on the trails and a tour of KC/Lawrence on road bikes. I need to ride around and spend some gift certificates that have been around for a while. What better way to get in a ride than visit some other shops and spend some money.

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