Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Slow week

Yea!!!! night time cross! Wish we could do more night races in cross or on the road.

Zach McDonald giving the euro crowds a little taste of how to finish a race.
So it's been a little slow the past week or so. Christmas to New Years has just been a time to hang out with the kids and get a few projects done around the house. Next week the boys go back to school and I go back to the shop a little more. It also means that I can get back on the bike a bit. Time to start focusing on the road season and actually start training.

We had our annual trip to our friends music store after a fun dinner at Ponaks. Pretty fun to watch the kids as well as the adults attempt to play instruments. Check out Midwestern Musical Company some time, it's not your usual music store, it's much more.

Christmas Cookie time! Once again we made way too many cookies. Santa just about had too many cookies to get up the chimney.

Santa brought JoBro another Nerf Gun and a billion more darts to shoot at his brother.

Of all the Christmas lights that I saw this year this has to be my favorite. The one house is absolutely covered in lights every year so the neighbors simply went with "DITTO". Gotta love it!
Next up, New Years!

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