Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photos of the Killer B-s from PodiumInsight

While we were waiting for the podium ceremony we saw Cody Kaiser from the Cal Giant/Specialized crew heading for the flyover. As a first year U-23 rider he loves having fun on a bike and has some mad skills so I started yelling at him to jump the transition on the flyover. Sure enough he hit the gas and made his first attempt. The ground is super soft before you hit the ramp and it's tough to get the speed but by his next attempt he made it. A bit later when we were chatting with Lyne from PodiumInsight Cody came by and we got him to do it again for photos. Danny Summerhill from the Garmin team was there so they both went over and started jumping it. Pretty fun to watch and if conditions get better I bet a ton of people will try to make it.

This is a great shot of Troy with the TREK Store logo on it. It's amazing what Lyne can do with photos to really make the colors pop.

The end of the cross season is near, only one more race to go and it can't come soon enough. It's not that I'm not having fun, or that I'm burnt out. At this point, with all the injuries that I've had I really never got a chance to follow a training plan like last year and it's starting to show. The strain shows in the picture above and that was just the B race. Now that I got my big crash out of the way I'm hoping that I'll have a clean race on Saturday. By the way, 8:30am start, rain/snow is in the forecast, and the overnight temps are supposed to be around 29 degrees.

I'll leave you with this, another course preview from the Cal Giant/Specialized kids. This one is day 2 at the Portland USGP.

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