Friday, December 10, 2010

TT Day today, Mechanics Dinner

The water on the course was getting pretty deep by time the last race of the day started. There are a few of these on, in, and around the pit. They were incredibly cold during the B races and with more rain and melting snow they get bigger every day.

Had to take a picture of this guys rig. He called it a dog powered bike and it's pretty sweet.

Meridith and I discussing the course. She was out recording the course with Cody's GoPro camera. The Cal Giant crew do a good job with the cameras shooting video's for Facebook, ect.......

Ned Overend crushed in the 55+ race yesterday. I wonder who had the most National Champion titles. Ned or Steve Tilford?

This is a good photo that shows the course conditions. Mud, snow, and standing water. Brrrrr......
Last night Bill, Lyne, and I went over to the Rapha/Focus Team house for a mechanics dinner. That's right, Mechanics and Team Directors only, no riders. Good food and great people made for a memorable night. Pretty fun to hang out with the people that you see/work with every week at all the races.
The man himself, Mr. Dallas.
So today is the TT for Shadd, Adam, and Brad. I'm skipping the TT to try to save the legs for tomorrows race. I have a automatic call up for the front row due to last years 4th place finish and my legs don't feel that great anyway.
Time to get rolling. The first TT for our guys and we have to get bikes, gear, trainers, ect.....ready. It sucks having to get equipment to 2 different venues at then right time when you are dealing with 11 different riders. What a logistical nightmare! Can't wait for tomorrow when nearly all of us race.

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