Friday, December 3, 2010

Portland USGP Pre-Ride

There were a ton of geese near the course when we arrived this morning. I was hoping that they didn't get on the course and drop dung all over. That would be a huge mess.

Got the trailer set and parked in a prime spot this morning. We are sitting really close to the finish line and right next to our buddies from the Ralpha/Focus team. The Nebraska guys showed up and got their bikes and gear. We all left and went back to our host houses for a bit before it was time to pre-ride. We all got in our kits and rolled over to the venue.

So the course was a bit muddy but by Portland standards it wasn't too bad. Really there are just a few spots that are nearly unrideable. It's pretty soft at the moment but by tomorrow it should start firming up. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day in the pits with the mud but I'm hoping it gets better as the day goes on. Right now the bikes are all clean and as soon as I get done with this it's time to go work on bikes. Not that much to do, just some more cleanup and lube.

Chris Jones was getting interviewed for but we didn't hang out to see what was said. I guess we could go to the site to check it out .
Tomorrow is race day and I'm not too sure how it's going to go. Still feeling kind of messed up and felt sluggish on the bike today. Just have to see how it goes tomorrow.

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