Saturday, December 4, 2010

USGP Portland: Day 1

Ah the sights and sounds of cross in Portland. Day 1 started off with 40 degree temps and overcast sky's. Not too bad really and and it looked like the sun would even come out eventually.

Bill, Mark, and Nate warming up for their 35+ race. Busy day in the pit for this race as well. Good thing I have a waterproof outer layer.

Troy and Mark getting ready for the 35+ race. Check out their rental pimp mobile.

Bill getting pinned up for his race.

Bill and I working the pit during the Elite Men's race. We were working for our 2 guys and Ryan Knapp. Even though the mud had dried out quite a bit we still had to work quick as the guys still did a few bike exchanges.
Tough day at the races for most of the guys in our crew. I don't know if it was the travel or what but most found their legs lacking the power required. In my race I got off to a good start and was swapping the lead back and forth with another rider for most of the first lap. It didn't take long on that first lap to know that my legs just weren't good and this was going to be a long day. The biggest problem was that I just couldn't corner. After just falling over twice in corners I figured out that my balance was still off. I think that when I get my heart rate up it messes up my balance. It happened during the end of the ride we did when I got here but I thought it had faded. So I had the dead leg/balance issue but I was still in 2nd with a gap on 3rd. I was hanging on when a huge hunk of course tape blew on to the course and got tangled in my bike. Just like last week but this time I decided to stop and get it out of my bike before I continued. While I was messing around 2 guys got past me and that was it. I couldn't catch them and it was all I could do to hang onto 4th.
So what does that do to the series? I'm still in second and within reach of the leader as he finished 2 places behind me today. The 3rd place rider in the series won today so that puts him 7 points behind me. Tomorrow is going to interesting. Here's to hoping the vertigo doesn't get any worse tomorrow.

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