Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's been a while........

Where to start.......just not too much to report in the last week or so. To say that the last week or so has been rough on the riding front would a bit of an understatement. Cold, snow, and icy roads make it tough to get out. On top of that lot's of snow brings on snow days for the boys so it's more days stuck inside. Oh well, I guess it keeps me from over training so early in the season.

So let's see, in the last week I got in a bunch of trainer rides, watched some Supercross, and even a few days of the Tour Down Under Bicycle race.

 Getting ready for the annual running of the Pinewood Derby. This year I only have to get one car ready for a change.

 Curly and I hung out a bunch. The poor kid has lost both front teeth but the new ones are on the way. Here he's looking for the instructions to one of his DS games. Pretty amazing what little kids can do on computers these days.
 Here we are drying out the tent after last weekend's camping trip. The Boy Scouts camp no matter what and they went last weekend at 10 degrees and 7 inches of snow. Mathgeek went with JoBro just to see if she could tough it out. Happy to report that they made it through with no problems.

So today starts another week but better weather is on the horizon and I actually got out for a ride outside. It sounds like the trails are getting better so it's time to get the mtb out and ride.

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