Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Blues

Made the trip over to Lawrence Saturday to give River Trails a shot on the MTB. Scott, Bill, and I met Adam at his house and presented Bill with the framed skin suit that you see above. Just a little gift show our riders appreciation for all of the work Bill does to run the team. Cyclocross is so equipment intensive that it takes a ton of time to organize everything. Add that to the logistical nightmare of hauling 10 riders all over the country for 3 months, well, you get the idea. Just want to say thanks buddy, next year we get even better!

After we got done with our little presentation we headed off to give the trails a try. Adam said that there were a few drifts and he wasn't kidding. On the way out there were more than a few areas where the drifts were 4ft tall and we post holed our way through them. On the way back the trails were better with no drifts and once we got closer to the parking lot the trails were more packed down. Overall it was a good time and a really good workout.

That's just about how all of the rides have been lately. Slogging through the snow in below freezing temps. I like snow but I'm ready for it to go away and warm up a bit. It seems like forever since Cross Nationals and I'm ready to get back to racing bikes. Watching today's World Cup Cross race made me want to race even more! Soon enough I guess. This week I'm hoping we have a chance to tie up all of the loose ends for the road team and start finalizing some details for the cross team. It's going to be a busy year of bike racing!

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