Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Daze

Today was the first snow of the year and the first snow day of the school year. After a morning spent at the shop the boys and I headed out to the hill by the house for a little sledding fun. It was a great day for sledding, pretty warm with snow falling the whole time. Overall we didn't get that much snow but it was enough to really mess up travel around town. It took Mathgeek over an hour to get to work this morning. Her usual commute is about half of that.

JoBro got some time on on the snowboard.

I went out to the last cross race of the year in the KC area on Sunday. We had 4 guys from the KCCX team racing so I went out to help out. I can tell that I'm ready to race again because I really wanted to get out and race. The course was one of the best I've seen at the venue and just a little bit of snow made it look really fun. But it wasn't to be as I've all ready stripped my cross bikes and the frames are for sale. On top of that I have a feeling that with my current fitness it may of been a bit embarrassing. It was really good to see Joe, who was just flying after his return from EuroCross Camp. Nice to Chris Wallace as well. He was back from college and decided to come out and race as well.

It was fun to watch Chris ride again. Even with a year away from bike racing he can still make a bike go fast.

Then there was this. Bama came up with these retro Oakley's for the race. I'm pretty sure those glasses may be older than he is!

Another day off from school for the boys tomorrow. I'm not sure what we will do for entertainment. There isn't any new snow in the forecast but it's supposed to be really cold so I doubt sledding is in the picture. We shall see......

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