Saturday, January 8, 2011

Unsafe at any speed

I'm not sure why but Mathgeek seems to think this is a bit unsafe. Not sure why, it felt pretty stable to me. Here's my dilemma, I needed to paint the top of the stairwell. Of course the ladder I have won't reach so I had to come up with something. I remembered that I had some leftover wood in the garage so I built my own scaffolding with a ladder, 2 2x4's, and a hunk of plywood. I'm too cheap to go for the real deal so I got it done and nobody was injured. Of course, once I got it done Mathgeek and the boys came home and promptly leaned against the wall and I also noticed a nice hand print!

It is construction season for me on a couple of fronts. Since it's slow at the shop this time of year we have been working on some updates to the shop. Some of it you can see when you enter the shop and some is behind the scenes. All of it will help the shop run more efficiently and will make the store better for our customers. I've been working around the house as well. We are still dealing with the project creep from the family room remodel. Some painting and a bit of trim work and that will all be wrapped up. Then it will be time to build some shelves in the garage before tackling the basement. This list never ends but at some point it will warm up and the focus will move to the yard.

I did actually get out on the bike a few days this week. I wish I had some pictures from the rides but it was too windy on the days that I rode to take my hands off the bars. At least it was reasonably warm so the wind chill wasn't too bad. Today was another sick day but maybe I'll get out tomorrow and stop by the last cross race.

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