Sunday, February 20, 2011

I bet that stung a bit!

I don't watch much track racing but I saw this picture pop up all over the blogosphere today. Big crash in the final lap of the Kerin World Cup. You can see the last lap or so if you go to YouTube. All I know is that's the biggest splinter I've ever seen!

The Elbowz Racing crew getting lined up for the Walburg Road Race in Texas. Nice kit's, you would never guess they are sponsored by a GP motorcycle guy. Pretty sweet bikes as well.

Joe and Kelly getting ready for the races. Joe had a good day and ended up 2nd to his team captain at the Walburg race.

No racing for me yet, maybe next week if the weather holds out at Froze toes or the following week in Texas. I'll just have to see how it works out. This weekend was pretty good for riding and at the moment my legs are toast. My recovery between rides was terrible but it's probably more due to crappy eating and staying up too late watching Supercross. Oh well, Supercross has been pretty fun to watch this year so It's been hard to go to bed early when it's on. 

So it's back to more normal temps but at least it's still pretty warm and the snow is gone!  

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