Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow, what a bummer!

Just when we finally thought we had turned the corner into spring! I figured that we had one or two more snow storms to go before we were done for the year but I'm more than ready for warm weather. Oh well, I guess it's just going to be a few more weeks of piling on the clothes.

Spring has definitely hit at the shop! There has been a steady stream of Speed Concept TT/TRI bike rolling through the shop. Most people love to go the Project One route so they can pick and choose their components.

Then there was this........ I've seen a ton of bikes over the years but I've never seen the Shimano parts that were on this bike. Weird push button style shifters with a Rapid Rise rear der. The front der had this item that turns with the cranks and moves the der. I had to do an overhaul on the bike and I was a little worried that it wouldn't work when I got it all back together. Happy to report that all is well! As I said, Spring is here and I'm super busy but with bikes like this it's never boring.

It's Dean's (F.O.G., Fast Old Guy) birthday and his wife brought him a cake at the shop. Pretty amusing cake but I'm not too sure about what she saying with the decorations. We have a bike going over barriers and into a pile of dirt. Yea, I get it. Older than DIRT. But with all of his crashes that pile of dirt looks like something else. It could be a threat of what she's going to do to him if he crashes and hurt's himself again?

It was time to build some of the Mercy team bikes last night. Adam, Shadd, and Bill were there to help knock out a few of the bikes. Two of our riders all ready have their bikes and two more are heading to Texas to race this weekend. I've got two more to build and of course, the last one will be mine. After that it will be time to start working on gluing up some tubies. We just got a fresh shipment of Challenge Tires so it's time to get rolling.

Pretty excited to get on the new bike but it's going to be a few days. At this point witb all of this new snow I don't think it's going to matter. Time to go to bed so I can gut up early and shovel the driveway.

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