Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back on a TREK, it's been a while!

I'm pretty excited about this bike! It seems like it's been a long time since I've been on a Madone. The reality is that I did ride one a few years ago but the bike has changes so much since then. I was messing around cleaning up my work bench today and found a old sticker from my first year on a carbon TREK. I wish I had a picture of the old 5500 in Saturn Silver from 1994(maybe?). I think that was one the first years that TREK made full carbon frames. It's interesting to compare those frames to the present day Madones. It says something for the TREK's OCLV process in the fact that I see old TREK carbon bikes from that era all the time at the shop. They roll into the shop all the time for tune ups or updated parts. Pretty cool to see and it's one of the reasons I enjoy working on bikes, you see a little bit of history every day. Hopefully it makes up for all the Huffy's you see every day as well!

So here's my sticker, I think that was from 1994 or 1995. I've got some pretty amusing pictures of me in the full Rocket Boy kit at some of the NORBA Nationals around that time.
Yea!!! The new Mercy kits are in! I love red and there is plent of red in these kits. In fact, even the bikes are red. Later this week we have a short camp in Fort Smith, AK to do a little meet and greet with the Mercy Hospital crew, photo shoot, and get a few rides in with the whole team. The last day of camp is going to be Sunday and we will do the Hell's Kitchen Road Race. Since Brad and Fuzzy are in town early we are going to get a few days of training in KC before we leave for camp. Geez...... I'm feeling tired all ready.

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