Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mercy Training Camp Day 1-2

I really had plans to do a write up on Training Camp but I am way to tired at the moment. So it's going to have to wait for Monday since we are racing tomorrow and then driving home.
A shot from Fridays photo session at the fitness center.

We met with some of the staff at the Hospital.

Brad was still adjusting his bike before Saturdays ride.

Saturday we rode with the Mercy Cycling Club riders. We ended up with a huge ride and it was good to chat with the club riders.

Hanging out at the top of  the climb.

Mercy Health Centers are working to help people eat better and we aim to help them. 

Bama was getting his rest before we even got to camp.
This is a rather crappy video of the group ride with the club. This was what was left after the majority of riders were taking a shorter route back to town.

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