Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Really Coach, my dog are my Garmin!

Yes, it's true, my dog did eat my Garmin bike computer. This story really starts at the beginning of camp last week. As soon as we got there my back wheel started popping and by the end of the Friday ride it was driving me crazy. A quick spin of a the axle told me that the bearings were shot. Bummer!!!! This is my PowerTap wheel so no more power reading for the weekend. Saris is a great company to work with so the wheel will come back from being repaired really quick. As for the's a total loss, no repairs for that one. The funny thing is, the screen is blown, there are tooth marks on the sides, but the darn thing still works fine.  Oh well, things happen when you have a 3 month old puppy in the house.

Met up with Bama at the Swope park trails today. It's been a long time since I've been out on the MTB but it didn't take long to get used to it again. The trails were in perfect condition and tons of fun. I got in a couple of laps and then met up with Bama and a buddy of his for another lap. Not long after we got started on our last lap Bama smacked a rock with his back wheel and put a dent in it. So much for that new bike feel, this was his 2nd time out on the bike and 2 crashes have given it that broken in feeling.

Here is an actual Bama sighting in it natural, relaxed setting. This kid can sleep with any of the teenagers that I've known in the pat few years. 

Wow, I've got to get to bed while the puppy is sleeping. This sleep deprivation thing is killing Mathgeek and I.

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