Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toour de Grove, Dutchtown Classic

The Dutchtown Classic was the last race in the 3 race weekend and it was definitely a crazy one. We started off with 107 on the line according to the officials and in the end we finished with 29. The way it played out to end with 29 was the crazy part. At the start the weather was overcast, cold, and threatening rain. My teammates and I chose to go on the conservative side and plan for rain some time during the race. We started with about 70psi in our tires instead of the normal 110 for added traction if it rained. Hoping for a good start I rolled up to the line from the front only to find it full and nobody was going to move. Some times the officials will let it go and start with a few guys in front of the line but this time nobody was going to be in front of the line. So off I went to the back of the group to start DFL.

So off we go and I quickly worked my way up to the front of the field where I found by teammates were all ready there. It was all going pretty well but I could feel some mist or light rain falling. Soon the real rain began to fall and soon after that a 1/3 of the field went down in a corner. It was a huge bummer to find the race being stopped because of the crash with both Jason and I on the front. With shuffling due to the restart I was once again in the back of the field. It was still raining so I headed for the front as soon as possible and it didn't take long for all the crashing to begin again. I guess it began splitting up and I ended up in the lead group at the end of the race. 16th was the end result witch is ok but not great. With both races this weekend I could of played the finishes a little differently for better placing but maybe next time. Really can't complain too much about the weekend, stayed on 2 wheels and never had a flat. That's way better than most.

So tonight is Tuesday Worlds, not too sure if I'm going at this point as I've been feeling like crap, we shall see.

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