Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tour de Grove, Day 2

Today's race was held in the part of town called the "Grove". I'm not sure what the history is here but but the area is what you would call transitional. There are all kinds of start up businesses on the main street and some really cool refurbished row houses.......and a number of homes and businesses with boarded up doors and windows. Overall it's a cool area that needs some work. For this event it would be nice if they would consider fixing the roads. There are potholes, broken pavement, and even a big metal plate to contend with if the rain didn't keep you busy enough. In the Pro-1 race the wet conditions along with the broken glass and potholes saw the neutral support staff run out of wheels in the wheel pits. Pretty crazy time!
Here's the Pro field heading for the metal plate.

The plate was marked well but as you could see in the picture above, when the group is curb to curb sometimes you can't miss it.

Nemo and the plate, he said that he had to jump it a few times in our race.

The Pro's heading into a turn....

and coming out of the turn. That was one long line and you don't want to be on the back.

My artsy picture for the day, Nick in the rain.

In the 2-3 race Nemo, Jason, Scott, and I rode well and it was just a matter of keeping 2 wheels on the ground and hoping for a decent finish. It was raining and cold the whole race but I had my tire pressure just right and my bike was working really well. In the end it came down to the field sprint and both Jason and I had a chance for a good finish but our efforts got derailed with a 1/2 a lap to go and we both finished somewhere in the mid 20's or so.

So tomorrow is the final day of racing and we are hoping for better weather. With any luck it will be dry but it's going to be cold for sure!

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