Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tour de Grove,

This weekend the Mercy crew is St.Louis MO for the Tour de Grove. A series of 3 races with the Saturday race being a NRC race. There are a quite a few Pro teams here and the fields for all of the races are pretty big. We drove through heavy rain for a long time and we figured it would rain during the races but it never did. I decided to sit out the race since I was still feeling sick and just hung out. I did get some pictures and played around with a camcorder during the races. Today we are going to put a GoPro camera on a bike so I'll try to put that footage up tonight.
Here's some footage of the Pro-1 race. I think you can see Joe near the front.

Here's Joe just before he got off with 2 other riders. He would ride in the 3 man break until they got caught with 3 laps to go. What a bummer, they were flying!

Jason looks so happy! Probably because it's not raining.

Jason on the attack in the 2-3 race. We have a split squad this weekend with half of us in the Pro-1 race and the rest in the 2-3 race. With any luck we can get Nemo some upgrade points in the next 2 races.

Shadd getting ready for the Pro-1 race. 180 guys on the line, good thing it was a long course.

This is the start of the 2-3 race. It's kind of hard to pick out Jason, Scott, or the St.Johns guys but they are all in there.

Today's race is on a longer more technical course so it should be pretty interesting since it's raining.

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