Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TNW and the Hill Ride

Fresh off the Tour of Kansas City I was still feeling pretty wrecked when Tuesday Night Worlds rolled around. On my training plan I had a scheduled rest day but rumor had it that Joe and the Elbowz buys were in town and racing. I couldn't resist, I decided I could still race. The key here was that I had to sit in and do nothing, just roll around in the field. It was kinda boring, kinda amusing, but in the end I think I averaged somewhere around 130 Watts. Pretty mellow but probably not mellow enough for my coach!

Didn't take long for Joe and the Elbowz boys to be off and running.

Jobro was taking pictures and he really didn't think he took any pictures of me. He was surprised to see this one. I was surprised as well, I was kind of hard to find hanging out at the back of the field.

So the next part of the training plan was to do the Wed Hill ride. The ride itself isn't that hard or hilly but you can make it as hard as you want. The plan was for me to go hard on the hills and rest on the flats to get my legs going again. I was a little worried as my legs were dead before the ride from my 8hr slow dance in front of my workbench. But it was going pretty much according to plan until I broke a spoke in my front wheel on one of the climbs. That was pretty much it for me and I just rolled it on home.

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