Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tour of Lawrence: Street Sprints

Last night was the first day of the Tour of Lawrence and it started with street sprints. Most of the Mercy team is racing this weekend and we were all entered in the sprints. For the most part we only have one true sprinter in Shadd but street sprints are a different animal. 200m sprints from standing start means anything can happen and it usually does. This year our surprise came in the form of Colton who got 2nd last night. Well done Colton! I should mention that Logan rolled in from Colorado and made it into the semi-finals as well.
Pre-race chat, not much to talk about here other than how hot is is and what it's going to be like tomorrow.
I think this is new Papa Jason at the start. Happy to see him out at the races even though he's suffering from sleep deprivation. Those first few weeks with the baby can be rough.  

So overall the Mercy crew did all right in the sprints even though we really aren't sprinters. I went out in the 2nd round which was just what I expected. Today is the circuit race, 55 miles some ridiculous amount of climbing in the heat.
This has nothing to do with racing but I had to take a picture. This Honda Accord Wagon was parked behind the shop. Pretty cool, lowered with a spoiler and ground effects panels on the sides. Looks like fun!

Top Photo credit: Richard Gwin

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