Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tour of Kansas City, Police Academy Crit #1

Ok, I'll admit that I was less than excited about racing today. Last nights problems and rumor's of a boring course had me wanting to stay in bed. Justin had said that I would be surprised that the course really wasn't that bad and actually fun. After racing today I would say that it was a pretty good course. It had a a few turns and a little bit of a hill so at least you could let it rip in a few turns. In the race the Mercy crew had a game plan on what to do during the race and I would say that we executed pretty well. It wasn't smooth sailing but in the end Adam won and Shadd took the field sprint for 3rd. I'm not sure where Nemo ended up but I'm sure it was top 15.
Today was definitely a tactical battle between Mercy, Tulsa Tough, and Tradewind teams. Everybody is looking for the win but also keeping an eye on the omnium points as well.
Steve Tilford (Tradewind) patrolling the front of the field while teammate Bill and Adam (Mercy) were off the front of the field. Both photos by Trudi Rebsamen.

So the great dilemma for me is that there is a MTB race tomorrow as well as the final stage of the Tour of KC. I had been planning on doing the MTB race but I've decide to do the Tour of KC. Kind of disappointing but the team needs me so I'll go and do what I do. Don't get me wrong, I really like working with the road team but I really want to start hitting more MTB races . Maybe July and August will be better on the MTB front, we shall see.


buconine said...

Tranquility race in 2 weeks. Come on up!

TP said...

I'll have to look at that. Tour of Lawrence next weekend is going to crush me but a Omaha roadtrip sounds pretty good.

buconine said...

Be a perfect race for the kiddo too. Let me know if you guys wanna come up. It is a 2 day event with lewis and clark time trial sat morning, tranquility short track sat afternoon and xc race sunday.

I need to get a hold of Jackie. I think she is coming up in July to pick up a puppy from a show here in town. Be nice to get together again while she is here...