Saturday, June 25, 2011

Your of KC, Longview Crit

Have to make a long story short for today as I'm running a little late getting ready for today's race. The race started pretty hard but I was feeling pretty OK for as fast as we were going. After about 5 or 6 laps my foot popped out of the pedal going up a hill and when I tried to get going it happened again. Bummer, I knew that my cleats were pretty worn out but I didn't want to change right before a race. It's kind of tricky making the change with a bad knee and I all ways need a easy day or two of riding for the knee to adjust to the change. But I guess the cleats were worse than I thought and my race was over.

On the bright side Shadd and Nemo from the Mercy team made the break with 2 Tulsa Tough guys and that was the race. Shadd Won and Nemo was 3rd. Adam got away with Bill Stolte with 3 to go to get 6th.

Nick made a appearance to cheer on the team. Still waiting to figure out the extent of the injuries to his shoulder.

It was getting pretty dark at the end of the race but here's Shadd winning the Pro 1-2 race.

The winning break. Picked this picture off Facebook but forgot to get the photo credit, sorry.

Day 2 today, a crit the the police academy training grounds. Sounds exciting!

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