Sunday, July 31, 2011

All quiet on the KC front

The last post I did was 2 weeks ago after the fiasco that was the Omaha/KC race weekend. Since then I've had a few things happen that pretty much took me out of the posting mood. Where to start........... In the week following the urgent care/ER session I actually rode to work a few days and my leg felt pretty good. The problem was any time that I was standing, like at work, it began to hurt and just wouldn't stop until I put it up. On top of that it was keeping me up at night with the dull pain and occasional bump from my other leg. Bummer, but I could deal with it. During all of this I went in to the ENT clinic and got tested for Mineres Disease. This disease causes progressive hearing loss until deaf. Great week. That brings me to this week. Monday Curly and I went in to a periodontist to see why his front teeth are not coming in. Turns out that his gums have become too tough for his teeth to push through so a little surgery is needed to get that to happen. Oh Yea... Tuesday it was my turn to see a doctor. I went in to get my stitches removed and to see why my leg still hurts. Turns out that my fibula has two small fractures and there might be some infection in there as well. Back on antibiotics with orders to keep all exercise low impact. Wednesday I got a break with no doctors visits but Thursday it was back to the ENT office to find out test results. The test was negative for Menieres diseases but did show something else that will require a CT scan to check out. At least it is really becoming apparent that there is a connection between my migraine headaches and vertigo. Not so happy about going in the tube to have my head scanned but at this point I'll do whatever it takes. That brings us to Friday and by now I'm totally fried. Just making it through the day was a victory. So now it's the weekend and Curly and I have just been kicking back and relaxing. You may have noticed that I have not mentioned Mathgeek or Jobro and that's because they have been at Boy Scout Camp all week.

Speaking of injuries, here's Chad Reed getting really lucky to remain uninjured after this fall. Reminds me why I ended my motocross career. I crashed in a similar manner and ended up riding to the hospital in the back of a pickup truck. Just about lost a kidney from that one.
On a much more positive note we stripped all of our back up bikes and now they are just waiting for the SRAM parts to show up. Soon it will be time to start building.
Here's the parts kits that we pulled off the bikes.  The kit includes Oval concepts wheels, stem, and seat post, Utlegra ders and shifters, FSA Slk cranks with 50-34 chain rings. I'm not sure about the bars as I never even unwrapped them. All this can be yours for the low price of $1000.00. We have 9 full build kits like this and for the price it's a steal. If you are interested let me know and I can hook you up.
I got a Challenge trucker hat and right away Curly tried to steal it from me!

Jobro as he was heading for Boy Scout camp. Bet he doesn't look so fresh now that he's been at camp in 100 degree weather for a week.

So tomorrow we begin another week with Curly's dental surgery which is a major bummer but is all good if it helps his teeth. Once we get past Monday it's finally time to get back on the bike and get started training again.

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Leslie said...

Hope all is ok with the tube situation. If you guys need anything, you know where I am!

P.S. Here's hoping Mathgeek and JoBro are home and clean. She's not actually crazier than you...but close. :)