Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I saw that there was a pretty cool article written on our boy Joe Schmalz in Road Magazine . It's great to see him get some press after getting some great results this year. Road Magazine is a pretty cool but it's pretty pricy to buy. I never thought about the online version until Brian Hardy put the link to Joe's article on Facebook. It's pretty easy to page through the article and it starts on pg 40.

Not too much new for me, still battliing the injury bug and it's driving me crazy. The stitches came out and have healed nicely. I thought I could start riding hard again but was reminded yesterday that I don't heal as quickly as I used to when we hit a double set of train tracks and the bouncing made me feel like someone hit me in the shin with a 2x4. Oh well, I'll just have to be mellow a little longer.

I've really been wanting to ride North and check out the flooding in Parkville. Since the water has started receding the flood has fallen of peoples radar but there is still a lot of water out there.
In fact, it looks like the water has really only dropped a foot or so from it's high water mark. The line through the middle of the picture is actually the edge if the Missouri river. There were cyclocross races here last year but it looks like they may have to find a new venue this year.

Last fall Curly, Jobro, and I went out to watch the cross races the the river was down here. The bank of the river is to the left of the picture and about 20ft up. Pretty amazing how much water there is now and how long it's been here. I'm pretty sure that I-29 is still closed in Iowa due to the flood so it's still bad up there as well.

Here's a new addition to my sock collection. Choch gave me these and they will go nicely with my new Source Endurance kit.
Getting close to cross time! I may have to bring the waffle iron to the races this year so Bill and I can have something to eat on our early morning race day setups.
A few people asked about Carly lately so here she is. I think she is going to be on the small side as far as Labs go but that's ok.
This is where we were with Curly's front teeth, as in there were none! Seems that the gums had become like leather and the teeth couldn't push through. A little work with a scapel in the periodontists office and he now has all 4 teeth poking through. It's been a week and I think the teeth are now dropping down as they should. Yea!!! Kind of had me spooked that he would never have front teeth!

Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I have a appointment to get a MRI of my head to look for causes for my migraines/ear issues. I got a call today from KU Med and answered some pre test questions and the first thing he mentioned was do I suffer from claustrofobia? Ummm yep, I do. So tomorrow it's going to be a mind over matter test to see if I can handle being in the tube. I think drugs may be in order for this one since I  had a reaction when he even mentioned the tube. It's weird that I never had clausturofobia until I started having issues with my ear but as the ear/balance issues have progressed so has the claustrofobia. I'll let you know how that one goes tomorrrow.

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